Tuesday, February 15, 2011

EXPERIMENT! Yogurt bacteria under the microscope--which yogurt has the most?

What yogurt bacteria is supposed to look like
I mentioned before that my doctor swears homemade yogurt has many more active/live bacteria cultures than store bought.  She also says that most probiotics do not have near the amount of live bacteria that they claim.  Since I have been eating my own home made yogurt my stomach feels so much better, so I decided to test her theory with my son's microscope and share the results with you all! I took samples from Activia, Fage, Wallabe, a whole foods brand similar to Activia, and my homemade raw organic cow's milk yogurt.  I looked in our microscope book to see what the bacteria should look like...see the picture posted to the right.  I prepared the slides and then examined each of them under the microscope.  I searched and searched for anything that looked like little nuclear colored jimmies, but I couldn't find anything that even remotely resembled this.  Granted, our microscope is a student's microscope and its' highest setting is 40x, but I thought that really meant 400x. 
 The samples below are what I saw under the microscope. 
My homemade yogurt

Primal Defense Probiotics
Activia brand

So obviously I have no idea what I am doing and could really use some help.  If any scientists out there would like to offer input, or assist me in redoing this experiment, I would be ever so grateful!   
Forget the brand but it is the whole foods type Activia brand

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  1. Joy I'm looking into finding some help with this. From the pictures though it seams your homemade is a little more active then Activa. You need to teach me please.