Sunday, July 10, 2011

What To Do About A Puffy Left Eye--Trying To Get Rid of Under Eye Bags -Or Bag- Naturally

For the past 3 years the "bag" under my left eye has been getting more and more "baggy."  The first time I noticed it was vastly different from my right eye was when I saw a picture of me taken at my girlfriend's wedding.  

After 'untagging' myself from the photo and logging off facebook I dashed to my bathroom and began the left eye to right eye comparison...there was definitely an unattractive difference.  It's did I miss this noticeable detail?  It's not like I don't look in the mirror on a daily basis.  It's not funny how much I notice this detail now that my photo image has pointed it out.

Between the puffy eye and the mustache....that's a lot of information!  I know, I know...vanity will not help me on my spiritual path, but I believe these problems are happening for a reason.  Female bodies, when functioning correctly, do not exhibit mylasma mustaches.  And if my the bags under my eyes are not symmetrical then it must mean that something is "off" on the affected side of my face/head.  I have noticed that my left nostril runs slightly. Maybe that could be contributing to 'the puff?'  Whatever it is, it can't be treated with expensive eye creams...I've tried...and like everything else, I want to treat the cause, not the symptoms.

I don't know what type of doctor can help me determine whether these things are related and what I can do about it.  When I asked Dr. Lipton about the extra puff, he said that it could be due to the weird shape of my cranium.  Apparently I have a cone head.  Then he gave me an amazing cranial sacral adjustment.  He said the puffy eye could be related to some head trauma and asked if my mom dropped me on my head as a baby.  She assured me she did not.  

Come to think of it...I did have a head injury while body surfing a few years ago.  I caught a wave in to shore and collided with a fellow body surfer who was headed out to sea.   The impact left him bleeding (probably due to my killer point) and both of us dizzy.  I don't remember seeing any asymmetrical eye differences before that time.  I don't notice any puff in pictures from that time either.  Maybe it IS due to head trauma?!  I'm definitely going to try to work in some regular cranial sacral adjustments more often.

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  1. I have this too- did you figure out what it was and how to make it less noticeable?